Daily Inverted Haiku #23 Bathroom Politics

We are not barbarians


Overhand is required

Toilet Paper

[Excerpts from one of the greatest debates of all time: 

…the major American networks NBC and CBS, as of 1987, toilet paper was not allowed to be shown hanging next to the toilet.

…a customer wrote to Herb Kelleher, chairman of Southwest Airlines, with an unusual complaint: “Dear Herb: … Last week in my journey to SFO someone put the toilet paper in wrong. Any damn fool knows the papers come out the bottom of the roll and not over the top. I couldn’t figure out how to correct the error …” Kelleher replied, copying his senior management committee, general counsel, and customer relations manager: “Dear Jim: What the hell were you doing upside down in our lavatory?”

…toilet paper enthusiast named Bill Jarrett argues that previous polls have been too small. He wants a national referendum with a least one million votes, with the result to decide a “national toilet paper hanging way” to be enforced by “the toilet paper police”. Jarrett refuses to reveal his own preference; he even removed the toilet paper from his house’s bathrooms before inviting in an AP reporter for an interview. “I’m not saying because I don’t want to influence the vote.”

Yes, I am biased and everything here is to my liking. Including toilet roll orientation.]